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Sunrise at Sarangkot and Chitwan

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We had to wake up at 3am this morning as we were going to make a trip up to Sarangkot to see the Sunrise. For those who have little faith in our ability to wake up - (More so Dipti) we did wake up on time :)

The sunrise was magnificent, but given the early morning haze, we were not able to see the sun hit the Annapurna range - a sight we're told is one to remember. Ah well, it was still really coolllll.

Our driver was a great laugh and actually made it fun climbing up the Hill at 4 in the morning.

Later we headed on our 7 hour journey (by manky coach once more) down to Chitwan National Park where we would be spending the next 3 days amidst the nature - we hope we wont have to rough it too much...

Our lodge was in fact a pretty decent Hotel -not a insect (except mozzies) in sight. At least not in our room anyway.

We were going to spend the next few days as a part of a group. We had some really cool people who we got to know during our time here.

That night we went on a Tharu Village tour and were supposed to have witnessed the sunset over the marshes, but it started to rain adn thunder (suprise suprise lol) which was fun anyway, we got shleter under a hut and were content once we got our mango juices. lol mmmmmmmmmmmm

Next day we went our a canoe ride through the Rapati river and then on to walk through the Jungle. We saw Monkeys, huge red and black insects (often running the risk of them falling onto your heads as u brushed past the branches and twigs over our heads). We saw more insects - oh did we mention more insects - oh a lot of butterflies and birds. No tigers, leopards or rhinos at this stage - no crocodiles either... OH well, we were lucky enough to have been shown a presentation complete with pictures last night so we didnt feel like wed missed much (plz note the sarcasm in the previous sentence) .

Later on the day we had our elephant ride through the jungle - which was fantastic because we got to see elephants, rhinos and deers. WE got whacked by overhanging branches A LOT. Oh Dips got elephant pee splattered on her when our elephant did his business LOL. I told her im sure it would do her skin some good lol...

We then went to a elephant breeding farm, where our guide let two baby elephants loose on us, lol they thought we had food so they chased us til we let them smell our hands lol.

In the evening we saw a Tharu Culture Show were we nearly peed our pants from laughing to much (though we were the only two laughing we think). In the end there was a dance which the audience could go and join. We didnt join in, ( too busy laughing at others) but Chris from our group went up and once again we laughed so hard it hurt. We should mention he was a 6ft4 austrailian dude in contrast to the 5 ft 4 Nepali guys - it was hilarious.

The next day we left Chitwan, we were sad to leave :( Oh well, another 7 hours ride before we get to Kathmandu...

Posted by Nika3 02:39

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Im sure the elephant pee will do your skin some good too dips. Anyway its too late now - its done so the best you can hope for is that it has some secret ingredient in the pee which makes your skin look fabulous! lol.

Elephant Pee skincare -as tested by dipti, has a ring to it, dont you think? lol

by rav

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