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Hello all! Again, we havent had a chance to blog, so this is telling u what happened a week and a bit ago LOL

We left Kathmandu on a manky bus - 7 and a half hours and breath taking scenary later, we arrived in Pokhara. We spent the first day (or rather what was left of it) getting to know the place. We couldnt go exploring that night as it started to rain , hail and thunder. (Note to self - dont take people's advice when it comes to the weather) So could have done with an umbrella!!!!

Next morning, we had to be at the Pokhara airport at 7.00am to go on our Ultra Light Flight. I dont think we can possibly even BEGIN to explain how fantastic it was. We absolutely loved it, we came really close to Machapuchare (?spelling?) or in laymen's terms - the fishtail mountain and the whole of the Annapurna range. (be prepared to witness some awesome pictures when we get back!!) We think it was quite easily the best e xperience yet -we were both on t wo separate jets but flew together so we got to wave at each other :P lol YAY

After that, we headed to a place where Himalayan water flows through, took some pictures, met an interesting family and then headed to Devi's Falls. We expected a huge waterfall , but given the lack of rain ( after yesterday we beg to disagree) the waterfall wasnt as impressive as it ought to have been. THe great thing was becase the monsoon hadnt kicked in as yet we got to into the caves under the waterfall which wouild otherwise be flooded.

We had a really great man ( kept us from falling to our deaths at times! !) we think he was an amature photographer because he l\kept telling us to how and when to take photographs - we were slightly more concerned about our lives lol. We came out of there breathless and drenched. It was amazing!! Weve always wanted to the caving thing and we got our chance to do it today. The day coulldnt get any better we thinks :P.

We then went on a boat ride on the infamous Phewa lake and went shopping in the area.

After dinner, we headed to our terrace (There were telltale signs that it was going to chuck it down - thunder and lightening can be great clue lol ) There was a Nepali festival going on at the time (complete with big ferris wheel) and saw we stood on the terrace, listening to a band sing Grateful Dead songs and watching the lightening (had we been around in the 70s we would have appreciated it a lot more)

So that was our day and we had the time of our lives today -cant you tell?? :p

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Namaste Nepal!


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Hey all,

Weleft for Kathmandu on 7th April and we havent had a chance to update our blog so here goes...

WE left our hole in the wall hotel in Delhi and got to the airport to catch our flight to Nepal -we had our first drama of the trip, our tickets werent confirmed and despite having forked over 120quid back home for the tickets, we had to give 100 for a one way ticket as they cancelled our ticket to Kathmandu...GRRRR were skint now...

We arrived at Kathmandu airport, glad to have actually got there without any further problems. Our tour organiser Hari met us at the airport and we were relieved that he wasnt a weirdo (like our last driver- more on that in person...) but genuinely extremely lovely. We were greeted with garlands!! too funnyyyyy...

Our hotel was amazing and we knew from the moment we got in the car that we were going to love it in Nepal.

That night we went walking around the streets of Thamel - one of the liveliest places weve been as yet , we did get a little lost as all the streets look alike and as it was raining we got drenched. THe experience was quite surreal as it started thundering and lightening but made our night there all the more special - its not usual for it to start raining so early - typical huh?

The next day we went sight seeing with our driver and guide who showed us places like pashupathinath, boudhnath, bhaktapur ( lovely self-contained ancient city with lots of handicrafts) and the Monkey Temple. Our camera ran out of battery by the time we got the the monkey temple, which exhibited the best overview of the whole of kathmandu. It was simply breathtaking.

We really enjoyed our time in Kathmandui and couldnt wait to come back at the end because the people are so lovely and make visiting the country a memorable one. The kids are sooo darn cute!!

Nisha felt a little like a giant as all the guys are 5ft 4 and under even the good looking ones...lol, and trust me Nepal does have talent! Ur missing out girls lol :p

We leave for Pokhara tomorrow, its a 7 hour journey by road. Its supposed to host some of the best views of the Annapurna range from a distance...cant wait.

More later....

N and D

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India -

Agra and Jaipur

Hey all,

We've had many complaints for failing to post up but come one guys, were in the third world - its scary walking down these streets, lets see u try! lol kidding its quite safe here, weve just havent had a chance to get to any computers.

Well where did we get up to...hmmm the glory of the Taj Mahal. Our travel agent made us stay in Agra another day despite the fact there was very little to do, we went to see the agra fort - had some kids kids take pics of us saying that they thought we were japanese (you know, the usual) and then we decided to get all cultural and went to watch an indian movie by the name of Say Salaam India. No further comments on that movie....

Came back to our hotel to find our friend, the lizard, still crawling across the walls of our room didnt think wed sleep to well tonight - though we eventually managed to chase him out of the room - quite a triumph we must say.

The next day we left early for a 6hr drive to Jaipur. En route we went to Fatehpur Sikri, we were shown around by the guide who showed Shah Rukh Khan around during his filming of the movie pardes.

We got to Jaipur, felt it was a little overrated at first sight, wondered what hole in the wall hotel they had put us in this time, (though the otehrs werent bad, it helps to be pessimistic) and were suprised to find a serioulsy luxurious hotel and our room was to die for. (we could have moved into the bathroom if we could - thats how good it was) and the people were just amazing, curtious and so sweet.

We were taken on our tour of Jaipur the following day and saw several palaces and did some shopping.

We were sad to leave our hotel the next day, wed miss it and the people. :(

We left for DElhi the next day, our driver needed to be somewhere pronto so he drove maniacally, almost killing us or others in the proceess - he was doing 120 kmph on seriously bad roads and playing bumper cars with the traffic.

In Delhi, we spent the night in well in a seriously basic decaying hotel, except we paid

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London to Delhi and Agra

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Hey All!

So we finally arrived in India yesterday - we were a little anxious about meeting the tour guide/driver - with our luck we thought we'd get some incomprehesible weirdo but luckily the guy we got seems quite genuine and earnest - at least so far...

Anyway, we practically started the tour as soon as we touched ground, we saw most if not all the important sites in Delhi - Qutab Minar, India Gate, Gandhi' s Samadi etcetra. OUr tour guide (Zyaeed) was a laugh - (a uni student who arrived late after an all night bender with his mates).

We left forAgra this morning - took us four and a half hours by car, (Dipti fell asleep - which she seems to be able to do everywhere) After a seriously bum-numbing experience in the car, we arrived at Agra. We had a lot of time on our hands so we managed to some shopping - each of us bought an elephant made of marble both of which are kinda cute.

After we ate, rested and recuperated, (Dipti wants to let u know that we did a bit of yoga, but it was in actual fact, us doing the rolly polly on uor beds erm, nope we were not drunk).

We then headed to see the Taj Mahal - having beaten of several annoying children selling things and guides trying to, well guide us, we settled upon a guy who was our age (Naresh) to show us the site and tell us a little about it. He was really sweet.

We have been practicing our Hindi - everyone's astonished at the fact that we can speak it - but then they cant seem to figure out that we're indian either...silly people.

More later, we're getting attacked by a giant wasp....ahhhh.

Nisha and Dips

In good health two days in... :P

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